Who we are

Carefree Concierge has a proven track record with more than 25 years of customer service excellence in Manitoba.

Along with our Service Partners, each of whom have been carefully selected for their high standards, our promise is that you will save time and that the transition to your new home will be carefree.

Give us a ring. We’re ready to serve.

Leroy Peters

Leroy Peters - President

With a family culture deeply-rooted in hospitality, Leroy has spent the better part of his career in customer service at a senior management level and is self-described as “Happiest When Serving”. Married to the greatest girl in the world and father of two incredible children.


Softspoken, polite, and driven to exceed customer expectations. William adds value and delivers excellence every time.


Our youngest Concierge, Alec brings an amazing positive perspective on life and takes great satisfaction in a job well done.


Finding joy in the details! Audrey’s creativity makes the admin side more effective and fun!


Arrives to every client's home with a heart that is ready to serve. This young man loves to deliver above expectations!

Troy - Lead Concierge

History of service, Troy’s talent is being very approachable, making everyone feel very comfortable.


Energetic might be an understatement, lol. Positive attitude and boundless energy are just part of the package with Ashton!


Such an approachable, “make-you-feel-at-home” disposition. Chatting with Brian is so comfortable, it feels like you’ve been friends for a long time.

Janna - Lead Concierge

Enthusiasm and customer service personafied! Janna is driven to get things done right!


Usually found humming a great tune and quietly getting every detail looked after. Great attitude of service.

Our Values

What separates us?

Doing common things uncommonly well.